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Proxy Mask

Proxy Mask

A handy web anonymizer
Proxy Mask is a reliable and efficient utility that you can resort to whenever you want to bypass country restrictions on the Internet or when you feel your online self is being monitored and wish to prevent that from happening.

For installation and work of program Proxy Mask, it is required Microsoft.NET Framework 4 or 4.7. At program installation, updating Framework, begins automatically.

Proxy Mask is a useful and efficient software solution whose main function resides in helping you hide your IP address in the online environment, preventing websites or browsers from monitoring your activity on the Internet.

Download Proxy Mask

With this simple and user-friendly program you can ensure your safety and anonymity online by using proxies to browse the Internet. Proxy Mask - Proxy Switcher offers you an easy-to-use way to watch blocked YouTube videos with a simple change of your IP to a different country as well as hiding your IP address so you can surf the internet anonymously without a trace.

Instruction-riddled interface
The program features a rather cluttered appearance, its main window informing you of the benefits of using such a tool, while also allowing you to choose which component to work with.
As such, you can opt to ‘Start Proxy Checker and Switcher’ or you can ‘Start TOR Anonymous Network’, both ensuring a safer browsing experience.

Navigate the web anonymously and access the TOR network unrestricted
Proxy Mask aims to help you bypass regional restrictions and let you surf the Internet freely, allowing you to watch any video you want and view any website you like, regardless of the country you are from.

The ‘Proxy Checker and Switcher’ component of the application enables you to gain access to an extensive list of ‘Elite’, ‘Anonymous’ and ‘Transparent’ proxies, allowing you to check their availability using a preferred URL address.

Moreover, you can assign a different IP address to every process on your system, meaning you can easily navigate the web from USA on one browser, while from another you can access websites with a French IP, for instance.

Using the ‘TOR Anonymous Network’ component of Proxy Mask, you can change your IP to a one from TOR, which becomes visible in the tool’s interface. You can then access any websites you want from your default browser, without jeopardizing your security or identity.


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  1. Louis

I like to work with this program. It is a lot of functions and options. Who does not know this program, I advise to instal, and to look at program work. The program is able to work with TOR.

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