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Virtual private networks VPN for Android

A Virtual Private Network (VPN), allows you to establish a secure connection to a different network over the net.
VPNs are used to accessing those websites which are blocked in any region and also shield your browsing activity from prying eyes of hackers on public Wi-Fi, and from more unknown connections.

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The decryptor of the Jaff virus.

Experts have cracked extortioner Jaff and have let out the decryptor.
Extortioner Jaff has been found out by Ib-experts still to the middle of May, 2017, but remained almost not noticed, after all the general attention then has been chained to mass attacks WannaCry.

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Biometric technologies authentications.

According to the research spent by request of Visa, consumers across all Europe show interest to how biometric technologies can help them faster and more safely carry out payments. Almost three quarters interrogated (73 %) consider that two-factorial authentication at which in the payment device biometric technologies are used, can become in the safe way for acknowledgement of the person of the owner of the account.

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