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In browser Tor, the vulnerability opening IP addresses of users is eliminated.

The vulnerability which has received name TorMoil, the head of Italian company We Are Segment Filippo Cavallarin has found out. In a blog of the company the expert explains that the found out problem, actually, is a bug in Firefox on which browser Tor is based. Vulnerability is connected with how the browser processes URL a kind file://. But if for Firefox the bug is almost harmless, for users Tor of a consequence can be catastrophic.

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The decryptor of the Jaff virus.

Experts have cracked extortioner Jaff and have let out the decryptor.
Extortioner Jaff has been found out by Ib-experts still to the middle of May, 2017, but remained almost not noticed, after all the general attention then has been chained to mass attacks WannaCry.

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Apple Co-Founder Took Interest in Bitcoin When It Was Still Priced at $700

From the beginning of 2017 a Bitcoin has trebled the price and recently has reached record level above 3000 dollars. Though there are more many fears that the Bitcoin is a usual artificial bubble, the Wozniak, seemingly, considers that the Bitcoin has some factor of growth.
Co-founder Apple Steve Wozniak in interview CNBC has told that it too invested in Bitcoins when the price for a coin made 700 dollars.

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Microsoft has presented new patches for Windows XP and has warned about destructive attacks

June «Tuesday of updatings» has brought patches not only for supported operating systems of family Windows, but also for such "out-of-date" products, as Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.

Experts of company Microsoft have published in an official blog at once two messages in which have warned the companies and simple users about potential activity «the governmental hackers» who can initiate «destructive cyberattacks».

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The trojan transforming Linux-computers in a proxy is found out.

New threats for Linux-systems began to appear much more often, and found out by experts of the company «the Doctor the Web» trojan Linux. Proxy.10 - superfluous to volume the proof. Experts write that a malware has been found in January, 2017 and already has had time to infect some thousand devices. As well as follows from the name, appropriated harmful, it is intended for start on the device of a victim of a SOCKS5-proxy of the server based on freely extended source codes of utility Satanic Socks Server. Malefactors use this trojan for maintenance of own anonymity on the Internet.

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Biometric technologies authentications.

According to the research spent by request of Visa, consumers across all Europe show interest to how biometric technologies can help them faster and more safely carry out payments. Almost three quarters interrogated (73 %) consider that two-factorial authentication at which in the payment device biometric technologies are used, can become in the safe way for acknowledgement of the person of the owner of the account.

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It is enough to spend the cursor over the link in file PowerPoint to catch a malware

Distribution various a malware by means of harmful files Office (more often hackers infect documents Word) is for a long time tactics checked up by malefactors. As a rule, such attacks include an element of social engineering and use macroes VBA in the document. Independent expert Ruben Daniel Dodge, and also experts of company SentinelOne, warn about occurrence of new technics of attacks which uses files PowerPoint and looks more dangerous than already habitual dodges with macroes.

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Messenger telegrams began to encrypt phone calls.

Having joined a line with competing chats-appendices WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger and Signal, the service of instant messaging Telegram at last has laid out in a network, long-awaited function for new beta versions of the Android-application: Voice Calling.
And, what in this version of the interesting? Your calls will be provided Emojis, and the communication quality will be better with machine intelligence use. The company has started function of a sound call late enough, but, most likely, because of its concentration on safety - vocal calls Telegram by default, applies the same through methods of enciphering, as well as a mode of a confidential chat to help users, to make safe calls.

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