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DNS Jumper

DNS Jumper 2.1 (Freeware)

DNS, or domain name system, is the internet protocol that turns human readable website names (such as into machine readable numeric addresses. In some cases, you can improve browsing speed and/or improve your security by replacing the DNS provided by your internet service provider.

DNS Jumper is a tool which makes this easy for you.

Why you should use DNS Jumper:

1. It can aid in accessing blocked websites
2. It can improve security by changing to more secure DNS servers
3. It can help keep your children safe by blocking inappropriate websites (e.g. adult material) by selecting a Family Safe DNS server.
4. It can speed browsing by moving to a faster DNS server
5. Changing DNS servers manually can be done, but DNS Jumper greatly simplifies the process

License: Freeware
Requires: Windows 7 / 8.1 / 8 / Vista / XP 32|64-bit

Download Dns Jumper

DNS Jumper 2.1 has some new and important features, such as Turbo Resolve which can apply the fastest DNS at startup. DNS Jumper is freeware, and portable (no installation needed).

– Quickly and easily change your IPv4 and IPv6 DNS settings
– See your selected network card’s current DNS IP address.
– Easily backup and restore your current DNS settings.
– Check your DNS server response time.
– Automated checking of all listed DNS response times, finding the fastest available. You can then quickly apply it to your DNS settings.
– Add your own custom DNS server.
– CMD (command line) support
– Clear/Flush the DNS cache
– Add your own language (Use Options > Languages > Translate feature)


Quick change of DNS



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