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How I earn money from Facebook. Monetization on Facebook

How I earn money from Facebook.
I am a person who is always in search of something new. By searching for a vast number of methods on the internet about making online money, I have the knowledge about every possible way.
So, the other day while I was sitting in my room doing nothing, suddenly a thing came into my mind that what if I start my own business by selling some goods over the internet.

Take notice that I didn't have a single penny at that time. This thinking sounds interesting to me, so I started searching for platforms that I can use for this purpose.
After four hours of hectic searching, I choose Facebook and think of giving it a try.

You people must be thinking about what goods I thought of selling. My answer will surprise you because when I was searching for a platform, I don't have any products at that time, which I can sell. But, after finalizing the platform, I decided to sell old furniture as I don't have money, so I decided to first start with the old furniture at my house.
I joined a group on Facebook that is made for buying and selling, and I posted my furniture pictures along with description and price. In three days, I have found a buyer who pays me the exact amount that I demanded. The next step is the most challenging, and that is what I will sell next?
I decided to remain in the same area and started getting in touch with my family, friends, neighbors, and everyone whom I know and ask them if they want to sell their old furniture. Few of them agreed, and I posted in the group again.
This time it is sold in only two days, and I started earning.
People began contacting me to sell their old furniture, and my business starts expanding.
I have made my trust in my clients by providing them the same thing, which I show them.

Making a Facebook page.

After six months, I had decided to make my own Facebook page. I made a page on Facebook as follows:

1. Visit Facebook and go to the "pages" option.
2. Click on the create page.
3. Several categories will be shown to you, select the one that suits your requirement.
4. A form will be shown to you where you have to enter the page name and category.
5. Add profile and cover photos for your Facebook page.
6. Click on create page username option for entering a username from which people will find you on Facebook.
7. Add your business description and categories.
8. Add contact details, hours on which you will be online, location, and extra options.
9. Write a story of your page, which is something like a long description.
10. Your page will be created.

After I made a Facebook page, I started posting there with my new products, and also I have added the screenshots of people's reviews so that the new customers will get to know about me, and they can trust me quickly. I also add the link of my new page to that buy/sell group to make sure that my old customers will get to know about my new page.

Gradually my customers start building, and my business started running smoothly. I also have done social media marketing on Facebook and other social media platforms to make sure that people will get to know about my business. Both the buyers and sellers contact me, and I act as a middle-man between them. I take the product from a seller and post it on my Facebook page and add the price that the seller told me with a percentage of my commission. I sell that product to any buyer who is interested in it, give the money to the seller, and take my commission. I have completed four years in this field, and my business is running well. People call me from all over the country.

I share my success story just to let people know that earning online money is neither a myth nor a dream. People think that it is something very difficult or nearly impossible, but it is not the case.

You just have to choose the option in which you have some interest, and social media itself will do the rest. The benefit of earning money from an online market place or social media is that it has not a limited audience. You can target the whole world as your customers.

This thing gives you the option that you can grow your business to the entire world.


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