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I earned over $100 in a month from Instagram

Instagram is a platform, where you can add your pictures and videos. After having an Instagram account, I realized that people like some visual content more than a reading post or audio content. Also, you may get surprised after knowing that the users of Instagram increase to almost double in just two years, and the quantity of people is continuously growing every day.

I thought it as an excellent opportunity to target maximum people from only one platform. Therefore, I decided to earn from this platform, and I started looking for different options.

After thorough research, I find out the fact that you could only earn when you have a vast number of followers to your account. Take notice that followers are the people who somehow like your content, and then they want to see more from you, so they started following you to keep an eye on your every post. The first step is to increase the number of followers. I started looking at different Instagram accounts who have a massive list of followers, and after a week of this research, I have an extensive list of different methods that people like the most.

For example, I observed that girls love makeup, related skin products, and videos, and similarly, people love different styles of food. After completing my research, the main agenda is to choose the one option that I can do the best and that people love. After thinking a lot, I finally decided to go with the skincare routine, and I thought of first making my skincare routine videos only and gradually moving towards the next steps.

Making of Instagram account.
I made an Instagram account by following these steps:

• Visit "," if you are creating an account on windows.
• If you want to make an account on your App Store or Play store, then you have to download the Instagram application from the store, and the remaining steps are the same.
• Click on the sign-up button if you want to make a new account or click on "connect with Facebook" if you're going to use your Facebook account as an Instagram account.
• If you click on "sign-up" for a new account, then a form will appear.
• Fill the form with your information like name, password, etc. and your account is made.
• You can start posting and attract people from all over Instagram.

Keep notice that you should mark your profile as "public" in the settings option so that everyone can follow you.
I decided to upload videos related to my skincare routine, so I started working on making videos. I believe in the fact that the more you put effort into something, the more you will be rewarded.

I started making videos, and I learned from Google about the video editing software's so that I can make the best possible video. When I posted my first video on my Instagram account, no one follows me until five days. I did not stop myself and keep on adding more videos every day. On the sixth day, I started getting followers. People started loving my content, and they talk to me on their skin-related issues. In just a few times, my followers go up to 1k.

When my followers keep on increasing, and people started trusting me, and they started giving me positive feedbacks, then one day, I receive an opportunity from a skincare brand and all they wanted me is to use their products in my videos and tell people about its benefits.

They also sent me a free kit of their products. I used their products in my video, and they paid me for this. Soon after my branding video, one after the other brand started approaching me. In just a month, I earned more than $100.

I believe that this thing has no end, and the best thing is that you don't have to spend even a penny on starting it. You can make a free account on Instagram and starting posting right away. It's just that simple.

Simple steps to earn from Instagram.
I sum up with the following steps that, in my opinion, works best for anyone who wants to earn from Instagram:

1. Make your Instagram account
2. Pick a niche of your interest.
3. Put your effort into making a good post that can be a picture or a video.
4. Post it to your account and keep on posting new posts every day.
5. The most crucial point is to don't lose hope. Nothing will come your way in just one day. Good things take time to happen.


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