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  • Google will introduce in the browser own blockader of advertising.

Google will introduce in the browser own blockader of advertising.

In the middle of April, 2017 journalists of edition The Wall Street Journal have told that company Google prepares rather unexpected innovation. It was informed, soon all versions of browser Chrome, since desktop, should receive own, built in blockader of advertising which besides will be included by default.

The senior vice-president Google on advertising and commerce Sridhar Ramaswamy has confirmed this information and declared that release Chrome with an advertising blockader is planned on the beginning of 2018.

As well as it was informed earlier, Google plans to block not all advertising, but only advertising inappropriate to the standards accepted Coalition for Better Ads. Actually it means that built in in Chrome the blockader will struggle only with the most aggressive and persuasive advertising which breaks rules.

To standards "Coalition for Better Ads" there do not correspond following kinds of advertisements:

- Advertising with a sound and videoclips which start to be lost automatically;
- The pop-up messages closing the most part of the screen;
- So-called prestitial-advertising. This term designate advertising which has own page and it is loaded before target URL, and then to the user show the timer    counting time before closing of the persuasive announcement;
- The large banners "stuck" over a window and closing to 30 % of the screen;
- Also for mobile versions of sites "blinking" advertising, colours or which background quickly and aggressively change is not encouraged, trying to draw attention and by that complicating reading.

Google will lay blame for the advertising breaking rules, on owners of sites, but not on advertising networks.

Owners of the sites more often resort to the infringements set forth above, aspiring to earn as much as possible money whereas to the sites, respecting visitors, it is possible not to worry at all about built in blockader Chrome.
Thus Ramaswamy has underlined that Chrome will block even own advertising Google if that does not correspond to standards.

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