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Biometric technologies authentications.

According to the research spent by request of Visa, consumers across all Europe show interest to how biometric technologies can help them faster and more safely carry out payments. Almost three quarters interrogated (73 %) consider that two-factorial authentication at which in the payment device biometric technologies are used, can become in the safe way for acknowledgement of the person of the owner of the account.

Considering various situations at payment of the goods and services from the house or in the street, more than two thirds of consumers (67 %) realise importance of technologies of safety for protection of the confidential data and approximately as much (68 %) would like to use biometric technologies as an authentication method at payment realisation. Thus the greatest effect from introduction of these technologies can receive online-ritejlery as about third of consumers (31 %) have refused realisation of online purchases through the browser in connection with safety issues at realisation of payments. Results of research show also that possibility of biometric authentication is appreciated at payment on cash desk not less, than at online transactions. Thus at payment on cash desk the basic priority is speed of realisation of payment.
It is expected that new forms of authentication with use of biometric factors will help to provide balance between safety and speed.

Following the results of research Visa:
48 % interrogated want to use biometric authentication for journey payment in public transport
47 % want to use biometric authentication for payment of invoice in a bar or at restaurant
46 % would like to use it for payment of the goods or services in the street - in grocery shops, coffee houses, fast food restaurants etc.
40 % want to use it for online shopping
39 % want to use it for content loading

The factors promoting expansion of popularity of biometric technologies The research constructed on results of poll more of 14 thousand of consumers from the countries of Europe, shows that growing availability and simplicity at work with biometric technologies are the important factors promoting growth of their popularity. With distribution of mobile payments of one of the most widespread forms of biometric authentication - owing to ease of use and safety high level - scanning of fingerprints is. Contemplating a problem exclusively from the point of view of perception of safety of biometric technologies, the majority of the interrogated considers that the greatest protection among all biometric technologies is provided with scanning of fingerprints (81 %), then there is a scanning of an iris of the eye of an eye (76 %). At realisation of payments consumer preferences on various means of biometric authentication were divided as follows: Scanning of fingerprints - 53 %
PIN code and biometric technologies - 29 %
Scanning of an iris of the eye of an eye - 23 %
Recognition of the person - 15 %
Voice recognition - 12 %
Behavioural biometrics - 10 % «Development of biometric technologies of identification and verification generate huge optimism in sphere of payments as these tools offer possibility to simplify and improve consumer experience», - the chief executive on innovative partnership in Visa speaks Jonathan Vaux. The conducted research, at the same time, shows that biometric technologies are even more often perceived as the reliable tool of authentication as people all become is better familiar with use of these technologies on the devices.



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